What is MyLARP?

MyLARP is an information management system intent on bringing LARP campaign management into the cloud. MyLARP will offer campaign managers, players, and business affiliates the ability to engage in the character management, rules updates, social networking, business intelligence, story composition, inventory management, demographics, e-commerce, and other aspects of a LARP campaign!

MyLARP is officially in 1.0 status!

Between developing all the features for it, I really haven’t found time to publish a nice public site to tell you about all the different features, so I’ll break them down here until I get something better up.

  1. User account management tools
    1. Roles and permissions
  2. Logistics
    1. Character management
      1. Hit point tracking
      2. XP tracking
      3. Build points tracking
      4. Life/Resurrection tracking
      5. Custom races
      6. Custom classes
      7. NERO/SOLAR-style magic columns
      8. Character backstory/biography/history storage (with search)
    2. Robust skill configuration
      1. In-depth rules allow for complex pre-requisites!
      2. Skill categories (also with complex rule building)
    3. Player requests manager–for those extraordinary situations
    4. Spells/Virtual Spellbook
    5. Point Pools–for production-type skills such as poison making/alchemy/etc
    6. Event close-out automated XP calculation and rewards
    7. Private character notes (visible only to users assigned to the Logistics and Game Master role)
  3. Plot
    1. Continuity and Module Tracking (with Search capability)
  4. Monster Book
    1. Track stats for your mobs/monsters/encounters
  5. Vault
    1. Track items/loot given to your characters with easy coding and stat records
  6. Workbook
    1. Track how long your players volunteer their out-of-game time to help run the game so you can reward them!
    2. Assign marshals to control who signs in to which workbooks
  7. Gamemaster
  8. Check-in players through an intelligence screen that shows previous attendance
  9. Custom check-in types tied with payment types to track who is checked in, how, and how much they paid
  10. Make game-wide announcements
  11. Schedule events
  12. Configure event venues
  13. Create custom user roles and assign users to them to give your users added privileges within your campaign
  14. Intelligence
    1. Run reports to see charts and critical business information, e.g. attendance-over-time, favored races/classes, level spread, etc
  15. Ledger
    1. A simple accounting tool to track income and expenses!

I have about 20 more to-do’s planned to make MyLARP the greatest LARP management software that’s ever been. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest, greatest, check out the Facebook page.

© Robert Simpson dba MyLARP Enterprises, 2016