What's Our Mission?

To be the best IT solution for the operation and management of LARP games.

So, MyLARP is a web app that is supposed to make running LARPs easier and better; but how?

The answer is by creating easy-to-use web apps—what we call "modules." Modules provide solutions to common problems or needs game managers encounter. All of the modules are part of a large ecosystem, that when brought together, forms the best LARP game management system ever created.

How Did MyLARP Start?

MyLARP started as an idea for a LARP in Southeast Louisiana in 2002. That idea germinated over the years until about 2010 when code was finally put to work to start making LARP games easier to run in South Mississippi. As more functionality was added, it became obvious that a system like MyLARP was needed to give game managers the tools they need all in one place. It could not be limited to character databasing, either. It had to bring value to the entire game. In 2012, the original developer learned a hard lesson in code back-ups, because MyLARP 1.0 was utterly lost to the ether; but, was rebuilt amid much cursing and swearing.